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Experience Change with A Joyful Hope

Your Music Therapist - Bringing You Joy and Hope

Being pregnant can bring about all kinds of feelings - sometimes loneliness, fear, and stress dominate during this time of newness and change. Apart from being a mom of 3 little ones myself, I am also a board-certified music therapist. What this means is that I will bring you the connection, relaxation, and feeling of being in-control all with using music. Music can help us feel SO many things - motivated, happy, peaceful, connected, relaxed, and more! 

When we meet, we will check in to determine how things are and what your biggest struggle is to create a focus point. From there we will use music to streamline a solution for you, with practical tools built in for you. My goal is to get you feeling excited, fulfilled, centered, and give you a joyful hope as you continue along your journey of motherhood.

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What Clients Have to Say


Kayleigh Gayer

"I think when people hear "music therapy" they assume that you just sing or play instruments the whole time but it is much more than that. Each one of our sessions is different - sometimes we talk, sometimes we sing, other times we draw, or meditate, or stretch. With Georgia's knowledgebase I am able to customize our sessions to fit whatever it is I need at that time and I have benefited so much from this different but equally effective care model.....

Georgia is warm, caring, and since she is a mother herself, is also extremely understanding. She comes to my home, allows my children to be present during sessions, and is completely judgement free. It is hard to put into words how much she has helped me and continues to help me. I look forward to our sessions and the gains I continue to make during this crazy postpartum journey and beyond."


"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Romans 12:12

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