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What to expect?

Your Perinatal Music Therapy Package is the perfect preparation for your growing family. This package includes 3 sessions, each 1 hour long. One session will occur during pregnancy, and 2 will occur postpartum. This layout is intended to provide you with the best opportunity for preparation and to prevent postpartum depression, anxiety, etc. 

Potential Focus Points for Your Session:

~Addressing Anxiety

~Practicing Techniques for Managing Labor

~Learning Coping Skills for Stress-Relief

We will use music to bring you the results you want! As the music therapist, I will be bringing my skills and knowledge of music, and its effects on our minds, bodies, and spirits. The only thing you need is to bring your love of music and a willingness to participate. We may use live or recorded music, play instruments, sing, write our own songs, or do some relaxation experiences using music as our anchor. Any and all music will be used with your permission and comfort zone in mind.

All sessions will be virtual, unless you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding area.

[Note: Once you book your first session, we will schedule your next session(s) during that first session.]

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Meet Georgia

I am here to empower and inspire.​I truly enjoy working with moms, babies, and their families. Tailored and intentional music experiences will inspire, support, and elevate moms during the postpartum period.   Helping provide support and relief of grief from physical loss, or from the loss of certain expectations is something music can do. With my experience as a mother of 3, and with my training through my Bachelor's degree, internship, and being a Board Certified Music Therapist for over 6 years, I can provide a depth of experience and knowledge. I enjoy building connections and providing resources. In this way, I can better support the families I work with, and the community surrounding the "birth world." I know that the more we connect and feel seen, known, and loved is how we can change the world.​Our relationship to music and other people can anchor and enliven us 

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